This artwork is now completed and mounted (and hanging on our wall). It is called “Street Music” and is mixed media (pastel, conté, graphite, ink) on brown kraft paper, measuring 30 x 60 inches. The original plan was to use gel medium to attach it to the prepared canvas and put a top coat of the same, but it ended up being too wet and wrinkled the paper in the initial area – and yes I did a test first, but it didn’t seem to cause an issue on the trial run. I was very sparing with the gel medium for the balance of the piece and it seems to be holding so far.  I am debating using a matte spray varnish but am worried it will be too wet on the paper. If anyone has any experience protecting works on paper without the presence of glass in front, please comment below. There is currently a generous coating of fixative, but I feel there should be more protection for the longevity of the piece.

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